Conflict Management Services

System Design

All businesses, organisations, professional associations and other significant entities need to have conflict management systems in place to meet their social and legal responsibilities. These systems need to cover everything from bullying, discrimination and harassment to outright physical violence.

Most functioning organisations have some sort of system in place and, although many are highly informal, most work perfectly well in normal conditions. The problem comes when something extraordinary occurs and the system is found wanting. Under current legislation, directors and business owners can be held liable for failing to maintain safe workplaces, and in severe cases may be subject to criminal prosecution.

We offer a conflict management system design service, along with associated implementation and training support.

Conflict Management Systems

We ascertain and diagnose the nature and risk of conflict occurring within, and with your organisation, and design systems to prevent, manage and resolve these risks.

Our service can include procedures manuals, document templates, conflict recording systems, review and supervision programs, and conflict management training for staff.

Complaint Handling Systems

We identify the types of complaints your organisation has to handle, both from within and from external contacts, and design systems to help prevent, manage and resolve them.

Our service can include procedures manuals, document templates, complaint recording systems, review and supervision programs, and complaint handling training for staff.

Conflict Management Training

We develop and deliver tailored in-house training covering most aspects of conflict management, from basic customer complaints handling to full-on workplace conflict management. Our focus is on developing practical skills, and the confidence to use those skills wisely.