Dispute Resolution Services

Process Selection

Our Dispute Resolution Services come in
two main flavours: (1) Consensual / Collaborative and (2) Decisional.






shutterstock_100254620Because these are generally private, confidential services, we can make most of them as formal, or as informal as you wish, subject only to not compromising their integrity and effectiveness.

There’s an abundance of contradictory definitions for each of the following processes. Our descriptions explain what each process is about, but please remember that every dispute, and the processes we design for them, are unique. We always tailor what we do, and how we do it, to the needs of the parties and the situation, and never limit ourselves to following a standard process. Our focus is always on getting the job done as well as possible; we care far less about maintaining faith with an abstract process definition.

Having said that, we do put a lot of effort into ensuring that our clients understand what they’re getting themselves into, and how things are likely to work their way through the process.