About Us

Jon Kenfield The Solutionist Group


Who we are

We are skilful and independent dispute resolvers, based in Melbourne, Australia.

What we do

We provide incredibly cost effective dispute resolution services to individuals, couples, families, family businesses, ordinary businesses, professional practices and organisations.

Our services range from: facilitation, negotiation, mediation, conciliation, independent appraisal, independent decision making, and expert/binding determination, to arbitration and private judging.

Other companies in our Group provide advisory services to families in business (Family Business Strategies) and facilitative problem solving to just about everyone (Solutionist Group).

We help to resolve all types of dispute and conflict – no matter how sensitive or difficult the issues, or the parties.  We defuse and resolve, rather than inflame tense situations, and facilitate the development of agreed, constructive solutions, or determine final outcomes.

Why we do it

While working inside “the system” we saw how often conventional approaches did a lousy job of addressing the real needs of clients in dispute, notwithstanding that they produced maximum efficiency, security and profit for their professional advisers.

So we, along with every modern Chief Justice and Attorney General in Australia, concluded that conventional litigation is almost invariably too insensitive, slow, inflexible, expensive and adversarial to stand any chance of producing optimal results for the vast majority of disputes and conflicts.

We then decided to use conventional professional knowledge to underpin, rather than constrain, the broad range of innovative processes and skills we acquired to address the real issues and needs present in most conflict situations.  The results are usually fantastic, and enormously professionally satisfying.

How we work

Our objective is to deliver genuinely practical and appropriate solutions for the lowest possible time, effort and cost.

We listen to understand what’s really required, design a process to suit, and guide the parties (and their advisers) through it, in the minimum possible time, and for the lowest possible cost.  We’re happy to work with your own professional advisers, or to recommend others we know we can trust.

Experience and Skills

We’ve been facilitating, arbitrating and mediating several thousand private disputes since the late 1980s, and have the scars to prove it.  We don’t duck the tough stuff, including:  matrimonial, partnership, franchise and family business disputes, to name a few, and they’ve given us plenty of professional challenges along the way.  Because we’re always open to learning new skills and exploring new ways of doing things, we’ve acquired a uniquely broad base of knowledge, experience and skills that enable us to provide:

  • Practical conflict management facilitation and advice to all types of individuals, families, groups, businesses and organisations.
  • Cost-effective dispute resolution services.
  • Proactive conflict prevention and conflict management advice.
  • Conflict management system design.
  • Personal and professional skills development through training, coaching and mentoring.

Why use us?

Our approach is values-based and our work is client-focused.

Once we understand your needs, wherever possible we provide a fixed price quote, rather than charging for time spent on the job.  We don’t reward ourselves for being inefficient, and you don’t get any nasty surprises.

We believe that in most situations we can deliver better results, more quickly and less expensively, than just about anybody else on the planet.

Contact us now for an obligation free discussion of your needs!